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Deft Catcher

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You possess a preternatural skill for catching items that slip from your grasp.

Prerequisite(s): Skill Focus (Sleight of Hand).

Benefit(s): Whenever you drop or are forced to drop an item you possess (other than by an effect that disarms or steals the item), you can attempt a DC 20 Sleight of Hand check as an immediate action to catch the item before it falls away. If you are targeted by an effect that would disarm or steal an item you're holding, such as a disarm or steal combat maneuver or the effects of a spell like telekinesis, you can also attempt a Sleight of Hand check as an immediate action to maintain possession of the errant item (DC = 10 + the combat maneuver check result if there was a combat maneuver check, or 20 + the DC of the spell if there was no combat maneuver check). In either case, if you fail the Sleight of Hand check by 10 or more, you fall prone.