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Chakra Adept

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Your body and soul have grown more accustomed to kundalini energy.

Prerequisite(s): Chakra Initiate, ability to awaken the heart chakra.

Benefit(s): Your pool of serpent-fire ki increases to 4 points. When you maintain your chakras as a swift action without opening a new chakra, you can choose to attempt either the Fortitude save or the Will save instead of both.

In addition, after you stop spending ki to maintain your chakras, the kundalini energy lingers in your body. On the first round during which you spend no ki to maintain your chakras, your highest chakra closes and you can spend a swift action to use any one of the abilities of your remaining open chakras. On the next round after that, all of your chakras close, and you must spend 1 point of ki and a swift action to start again from your root chakra.