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Center of Power

You have posted loyal followers in the most vital places.

Prerequisite(s): Leadership score 13, hold a leadership role related to running a kingdom.

Benefit(s): Choose a building in your kingdom as your center of power, and dedicate one of the followers granted to you by the Leadership feat to overseeing that location. For every kingdom turn in which that follower does nothing but oversee that location, the benefits that building grants to your kingdom's Economy, Fame, Loyalty, and Stability are doubled and any penalties are negated. This feat does not allow a building to grant benefits it does not normally provide, and has no effect on a building's other effects.

This feat only applies to one building, and committing multiple followers to this or different buildings has no effect—the selected location is treated as being of particular importance to you, and its uniqueness combined with the follower's loyalty grants it special efficiencies. The same follower does not have to oversee your center of power every month, but you must keep at least one follower dedicated to this location for the entire month to gain this feat's benefits. Once per year, you may change which building is your center of power.