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Two-Weapon Drunkard (Combat)

Note This is associated with a specific deity.

You effortlessly wield tankards in your off hand, and can use them to drink from and as deadly weapons in a battle with equal ease.

Prerequisite(s): Catch Off-Guard, Two-Weapon Fighting Benefit: When you wield a tankard as an improvised weapon in your off hand, it functions as a light mace, including for the purpose of determining the effects of feats like Weapon Focus. If you worship the associated deity, your off-hand tankard functions as a divine focus and does not interfere with somatic spell components.

When you fight with two weapons and have the sickened condition, you do not apply the penalties from being sickened to attack rolls or weapon damage rolls.

Normal: A tankard wielded as an improvised weapon normally functions as a gauntlet.