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Duelist (Combat)

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You trained at an elite fighting school and are skilled at fighting with the falcata and buckler.

Prerequisite: Dex 13, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (falcata), Shield Proficiency (buckler), Weapon Focus (falcata).

Benefit: When fighting with the falcata and buckler, your shield bonus to AC increases by +1 and you gain a +2 bonus on Acrobatics checks.

Combat Trick

Source PPC:WMH

Note If using the optional Stamina Pool rules, the following trick may be used with this feat.

Combat Trick: When you make an attack with a falcata using two hands while wearing a buckler, you can spend 3 stamina points to ignore the –1 penalty on attack rolls for using your shield arm to wield a weapon while wearing a buckler and to retain the buckler's shield bonus for 1 round.