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Quivering Palm Versatility (Combat)

You can alter the way you apply a quivering palm’s vibrations to an opponent’s body to cause extreme pain, put it in a coma, or destroy its memories.

Prerequisites: Quivering palm class feature, base attack bonus +13.

Benefit: After successfully using your quivering palm attack on a creature, you can produce one of the following effects instead of killing the creature, as long as you do so within a number of days equal to your monk level.

  • Coma: The subject falls unconscious and is helpless for a number of days equal to your monk level.
  • Memory Loss: The subject falls unconscious for 24 hours and awakens with huge gaps in its memory. The target’s memories of the recent past (a number of consecutive days equal to your monk level) are completely obliterated, and can only be restored by a wish or miracle spell.
  • Pain: The subject takes 1d6 points of nonlethal damage per monk level you possess.

You must choose the desired effect before the quivering palm’s attack roll is made. Unless the target succeeds at its Fortitude save against your quivering palm attack, it succumbs to the desired effect when you will it (a free action).

This feat is otherwise subject to all of the limits and conditions of quivering palm.