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Ostentatious Rager (Combat)

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You can enthrall onlookers with a show of ferocious might or compel enemies to regard you as a crucial threat.

Prerequisite(s): Intimidate 5 ranks, rage class feature.

Benefit(s): You can earn money with Intimidate by performing feats of strength and intimidation, exactly as if you were doing so with the Perform skill.

Additionally, while you're raging, if a foe would be demoralized by your Intimidate skill and the foe is not currently shaken by your intimidation, you can instead distract that foe until the beginning of your next turn.

During that time, the foe takes a –5 penalty on Perception checks that don't involve you and takes a –2 penalty to its AC against any creature other than you. These effects end early if a creature other than you attacks the foe or if you demoralize the foe and apply the shaken condition.