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Mud in Your Eye (Combat)

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You are used to fighting in muck and slime, and happily hurl it in your foes' eyes in the heat of battle.

Prerequisite(s): Throw Anything.

Benefit(s): As a standard action when in urban or subterranean terrain, you can scoop filth, sewage, mud, or similar grime off a nearby surface and hurl it at a foe as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 5 feet. If the attack hits, you can immediately attempt a dirty trick combat maneuver against the target as a free action; this dirty trick can be used only to blind the target. As a ranged touch attack, this action provokes attacks of opportunity, even if your dirty trick attempts normally wouldn't provoke such attacks (such as via the Improved Dirty Trick feat).

Special: A character with favored terrain (as the ranger class feature) can use this feat when in any of his favored terrains in addition to urban and subterranean.