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Falling Water Gambit (Combat)

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You have integrated both the Falls and Shroud styles of swordplay into a seamless union.

Prerequisite(s): Dueling Disciple, Duelist of the Falls, Duelist of the Shroud, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (dueling sword), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (dueling sword), base attack bonus +8.

Benefit(s): When attacking a creature denied its Dexterity bonus to AC because of your successful feint, you increase the threat range of your dueling sword by 1 (typically to 18–20/×2), and gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls to confirm critical hits.

After you make a dueling dodge or succeed at a dueling parry during a duel, you can make an attack of opportunity against the foe who attacked you if that foe is shaken, frightened, or panicked.

To gain these benefits, you must be wielding only a dueling sword (not using a shield, an off-hand weapon, armor spikes, unarmed strikes, or natural weapons).

Combat Trick

Note If using the optional Stamina Pool rules, the following trick may be used with this feat.

Combat Trick: By spending 4 stamina points, you gain the ability to attempt a dueling dodge or a dueling parry against attacks made by a shaken, frightened, or panicked opponent, even if you aren't participating in a duel.