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Deadhand Style (Combat, Style)

Your study of death allow you to exploit your foes’ fears.

Prerequisite(s): Wis 15, Improved Unarmed Strike, Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks, ki pool class feature, nongood alignment.

Benefit(s): While using this style, if you have at least 1 point in your ki pool, you gain a +2 bonus on saves against fear effects, and the DC of Intimidate checks against you increases by 4. As a swift action, you can spend 1 point from your ki pool to empower your unarmed strikes. Creatures hit with your unarmed strikes must succeed at a Will save (DC = 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Wisdom modifier) or become shaken for a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.