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Bounding Hammer (Combat)

You can throw a hammer so it rebounds near you.

Prerequisites: Proficiency with hammer, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: As a standard action, you may throw a hammer at an opponent within 20 feet. If you hit (whether or not the attack damages the target), the hammer rebounds off of the creature and lands in your square. If you have the Snatch Arrows feat, you may choose to catch the hammer when it enters your square (though this does not give you the ability to immediately throw the hammer). This ability may not work against some creatures or in certain circumstances as determined by the GM; for example, your weapon does not bounce off Incorporeal creatures (unless it has the ghost touch ability), it may stick to creatures with the adhesive ability, the slowing effect of fighting underwater prevents you from using this feat, and so on.

Normal: A thrown weapon drops in the square where it hits your target.