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Black Powder Spectacle (Combat, Grit, Performance)

You can sacrifice ammunition to make a grand spectacle.

Prerequisite(s): Amateur Gunslinger or the grit class feature, base attack bonus +4

Benefit(s): When you spend a swift action to attempt a performance combat check, you can sacrifice one cartridge or an amount of black powder required for a single shot to make either a loud sound or an impressive flash. If you choose to make your weapon's report louder, you gain a +4 bonus on all Intimidate checks you attempt for 1 round. If you choose to create an impressive flash, you gain a +4 bonus on any Perform checks you attempt for 1 round.

Combat Trick

Source PPC:WMH

Note If using the optional Stamina Pool rules, the following trick may be used with this feat.

Combat Trick: You can spend 2 stamina points when using Black Powder Spectacle in order to gain a +4 bonus on Intimidate checks and Perform checks for 1 round.