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Friendly Fire (Betrayal, Teamwork)

Your ranged attacks startle your enemies, partly because you're not even trying to avoid hitting your allies.

Prerequisite(s): Precise Shot.

Benefit(s): You initiate this feat as a standard action, making a ranged attack against a foe engaged in melee with at least one abettor. This shot deliberately forsakes normal precautions, putting your abettor at risk, but also is unexpected enough to surprise your mutual opponent.

You gain a +2 bonus on your attack roll if the attack passes through an abettor's space. If your shot misses the target, you must immediately make a second attack roll with all the same modifiers against the abettor, potentially hitting her with the attack instead of the opponent. When the attack resolves (regardless of whether either potential target was hit), the intended target's startled reaction provokes an attack of opportunity from the abettor.