Sympathetic Spell (Metamagic)

Using material links, you can cast spells on targets over vast distances.

Benefit: With this feat you can cast a spell on a target as if you were touching the target, regardless of the actual distance between you, provided that both you and the target are on the same plane. The target is entitled to a saving throw against the spell (and spell resistance, if it applies) and the spell has its normal effects and duration. Spells and effects that block scrying, such as nondetection, have the same effect on spells altered by this feat. A detect magic or detect scrying spell can detect a sympathetic spell in progress (that is from the moment casting begins) and detect scrying allows you an opposed caster level check to get an image of the caster of the sympathetic spell.

A sympathetic spell requires part of the target’s substance as a special material component (in addition to any of its normal components.) For a living creature, this could be a drop of blood, a bit of flesh, hair, nails, or other parts of its body. For a nonliving object, it must be an integral part of its construction, such as a sliver from a timber of a building, not from a piece of furniture inside it). This material component is consumed in the casting of the spell, as normal.

Preparing a sympathetic spell requires the normal amount of time, but casting it requires 100 times the usual casting time (with casting times of 1 standard action being treated as 1 round). Interruptions to the casting may spoil the spell as normal.

Level Increase: +3 (a sympathetic spell uses up a spell slot three levels higher than the spell’s actual level.)