Kakute-Ryu-Ninjutsu Style (Combat, Style)

You have been trained to fight with weapons that allow you to punch, slash, or stab with your fists.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Improved Unarmed Strike, proficiency with 3 Kakute-Ryu-Ninjutsu weapons, base attack bonus +1 or monk or ninja level 1.

Benefit: You can deal your unarmed damage with any Kakute-Ryu-Ninjutsu weapon. When you do so, you also use your unarmed damage’s threat range and critical multiplier. If you do not use your unarmed damage when you hit with a Kakute-Ryu-Ninjutsu weapon, you may add +1d4 damage to the weapon’s damage. This additional damage is not multiplied for a critical hit.
Kakute-Ryu-Ninjutsu Weapons
This fighting style is built around weapons that conform fairly closely to the wielder’s hand and are used to add mass to unarmed strikes, or allow unarmed strikes to also deal slashing or piercing damage, including the bich’hwa, brass knuckles, cestus, dan bong, gauntlet, kerambit, klar, knuckle axe, pata, punching dagger, rope gauntlet, spiked gauntlet, thorn bracer, tekko-kagi, tonfa, and tri-bladed katar. These are referred to as Kakute-Ryu-Ninjutsu weapons in feats related to this style.