Sidewinder Hex

You can make a spell appear to aim at a foe other than than your true target.

Prerequisite: Bluff 3 ranks.

Benefit: You can attempt to cast spells that deal damage as “sidewinder spells,” which give false visual cues as to their end destination. Only spells with a casting time of 1 standard action that target one or more creatures (rather than having an area or effect), can be sidewinder hexes. Additionally, the spell must either deal dice of damage, or have a duration based on caster level.

Casting the spell as a sidewinder hex takes a full round action, and allows you to make a Bluff check (opposed by the Sense Motive check of each target of the spell). Those targets who fail their opposed sense Motive suffer a –2 penalty to their Armor Class and saving throws against the sidewinder hex.

Because the spell uses some of its energy to create the misdirection regarding its target, it is not as effective even if it affects its target. Sidewinder hexes that deal dice of damage suffer a –1 per die penalty to damage done. Sidewinder spells that have durations based on caster level have half the normal duration.