Second Bond

Your strong mystic ties allow you to make a second occult bond.

Prerequisite: Character level 5; Arcane bond, death bond, divine bond, hunter’s bond, mystic bond, or nature bond.

Benefit: You may take an additional bond of the ability that qualified you for this feat. You may select the same bond you already have, or take a new bond. Any bond you take must be one available to your class. Your effective class level for purposes of your second bond is your actual class level –3.

A GM may decide to make other class features with “bond” in their name available through this feat. In general, if a class has a bond feature that gives a character a choice between several different types of mystic connections to the forces manipulated by that class, it should be possible to take another choice from that list with the Second Bond feat.

Example: Hyrga Greeneye is a 5th level druid who has selected an animal companion with her nature bond ability. Upon taking the Second Bond feat, she has the choice to either take a second animal companion, or gain access to one of the cleric domains listed under nature bond. When determining the powers and bonus spells granted by this domain, Hyrga’s effective cleric level is 2nd (her druid level –3).