Blood Magic

You have learned the magic of injury and pain.

Prerequisite: Caster level 5.

Benefit: You may select 6 spells from the following bonus spell list. The spells selected must be of levels you can cast, and become part of your spell list. You may not select more spells from a level than you have selected from each level below it. (You may take this feat more than once in order to eventually gain higher-level spells. See Special, below.)

If you are a spellcaster with limited spells known (bards and sorcerers, for example), you do not automatically know the spells you select from this list. However, you may learn three of these selected spells and count them as only one spell slot toward your maximum spells known. This slot must be of the highest level spell being learned.

Each time you take hp damage from a single blow or source equal to or greater than your character level, or have a –2 or greater penalty inflicted on you as a pain effect, you gain one blood mark. As a free action, you may spend a blood mark. This allows you to cast one of your known blood mage spells by spending a spell slot of the same level or higher. You must meet all the normal requirements and components (including casting time) in order to cast the blood mage spell.

Each day when you rest, recover hit points, and regain uses of your spells, you lose any unused blood marks. Any time you recover hit points through any method, you lose one blood mark.

Blood Mage Bonus Spell List

0 level: bleed, daze, resistance
1st level: enlarge person, hideous laughter, lesser confusion, true strike
2nd level: aid, bull’s strength, shatter, touch of idiocy
3rd level: glyph of warding, heroism, rage, scare
4th level: crushing despair, confusion, explosive runes
5th level: lesser planar binding, nightmare, shout
6th level: greater glyph of warding, phantasmal killer, song of discord
7th level: blasphemy, insanity, instant summons
8th level: greater shout, regenerate, symbolerrata? which symbol spell?
9th level: unholy aura, weird

Special: This feat may be selected more than once. Each time it allows you to select 6 more spells from the list.