Maneuver Critical (Combat, Critical)

Your mastery of combat maneuvers sometimes provides spectacular results.

Prerequisite: Critical Focus, BAB +9

Benefit: If you roll a natural 20 (the die roll shows a ‘20’) on a maneuver check, and your CMB + die roll total is equal to or greater than your target’s CMD, the result is a critical maneuver threat. Make a second CMB check, and if it also exceeds the target’s CMD, you have scored a critical maneuver. The effects of the critical maneuver vary depending on what maneuver you are performing, as outlined in the adjacent table.

Special: You can apply the effects of only one critical feat to a given critical hit unless you possess Critical Mastery.

Combat Maneuver Critical Effect
Bull Rush
You can choose to knock the target prone.
Dirty Trick Double the duration of the dirty trick’s penalty. The target must take a full-round action to end the maneuver early.
Disarm You can knock the disarmed item 2d4 x5 feet in a direction of your choice.
Drag Double the distance you can drag the target.
Grapple You gain a +5 bonus on grapple checks made against the same target, until that target successfully breaks free of the grapple.
Reposition Double the distance you can reposition the target, and the final 10 feet of repositioning can be beyond your reach.
Steal You can take two items that qualify to be stolen.
Sunder You deal critical hit damage to the item you are attempting to sunder.
Trip The target is flat-footed until it stands.
Overrun If the target does not move to avoid you, you can take an attack ofopportunity against it as you overrun it.