Guerilla Tactics (Combat)

Your superior ambush planning skills can give your allies bonuses in a fight.

Prerequisite: Stealth as a class skill.

Benefit: You can form an ambush plan for any combat area you have considerable accurate information about in advance. You must either observe the conditions of the prospective battlefield personally or receive a detailed scouting report. Forming a plan takes one minute, but if the information you base it on is inaccurate (or changes before the battle) your plan grants no bonus.

Make a Stealth check and compare it to the table below. This determines what bonus your plan grants to you and any allies you have briefed on the plan. This bonus begins in the first round of combat, and is reduced by 1 at the end of your turn on the second round of combat and each round thereafter. The bonus applies to attack rolls, saving throws, and Stealth checks made by you and your allies. Only one ambush plan can be in place for a given set of allies in a battle.

Skill Check Result Bonus
20 or less +1
21-30 +2
31 or more +3