Obeah Totem

You are capable of crafting an obeah totem or focus.

Prerequisite: Knowledge (arcana) 6 ranks, Spellcraft 6 ranks

Benefit: You may enhance the effects of your magic by crafting a representation of your victim, such as a doll or a small carving, then adding scraps of hair or drops of blood from the specific creature being represented. Creating the obeah totem requires one full day of work and consumes materials equivalent to 30 gold pieces, after which you must make a Spellcraft check (DC 10 + hit dice of the target creature). Failure results in this feat being useless against that specific individual until you gain another rank in Spellcraft at which point you may attempt again.

If successful, the save DC of any spell you cast on the creature represented by the Obeah Totem is increased by +2. Spells with the curse descriptor cannot be removed until the totem is destroyed. You can only have one functioning Obeah Totem at a time. If the Obeah Totem is ever destroyed you can never create another totem of that individual again (though another spellcaster with this feat could).

Special: When a creature is symbolized in an Obeah Totem, the next time it sleeps dreams of the totem and the totem’s creator. A successful Knowledge (arcana) check (DC 15) recognizes the totem as such.