Hinder Special Ability (Combat)

You know just how to act to hamper an opponent’s special ability

Prerequisite: Int 13, Str 13, Knowledge (special, see below) 15 ranks, Combat Expertise, Hinder Natural Attack, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, base attack bonus +15

Benefit: If you have the required ranks in the Knowledge skill appropriate for the creature you face, you can make a combat maneuver against the part of your opponent’s anatomy (target CMD has a +4 bonus due to specific targeting) that is obviously the source of, or provides the power behind, a supernatural or extraordinary ability, such as a creature’s mouth (for a breath weapon) or its eyes (for a gaze attack). You cannot target a spell-like ability unless the GM judges that the creature generates it through the use of a specific organ or body part. If your combat maneuver succeeds, the creature loses the benefit of the targeted ability until it makes a successful ability check (using the ability that modifies the lost special ability, DC 10 + your Strength modifier).

Special: With the GM’s permission you can attempt this maneuver without the use of this feat at a -30 penalty, you also provokes an attack of opportunity, if you are hit the maneuver fails.