Greater Hinder Natural Attack (Combat)

You hamper an opponent’s ability to use one of its natural attacks for an extended period.

Prerequisite: Int 13, Str 13, Combat Expertise, Hinder Natural Attack, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, base attack bonus +15

Benefit: To use this feat, you must have something with which to bind or wedge your opponent’s natural attack (GM’s discretion, depending on the type of natural weapon). If you make successful use of your Hinder Natural Attack feat you securely bind the targeted natural weapon. Your opponent cannot use that natural attack until they make a successful Strength check (Break DC of the item used to bind/wedge or DC 10 + your Strength modifier, GM’s choice) or an escape artist check (DC 10 + your Combat Maneuver Bonus).

Special: With the GM’s permission you can attempt this maneuver without the use of this feat at a -30 penalty, and provoke an attack of opportunity; if you are hit by this attack, the maneuver fails.