Armor's Gap (Combat)

You can bypass a target’s armor with a weapon by searching for gaps and flaws.

Prerequisite: Perception 6 ranks, base attack bonus +4

Benefit: After a full round of doing nothing but analyzing you opponent, you can bypass this opponent’s armor or natural armor with your next attack. You must use a piercing weapon with which you are proficient and make a successful Perception check (DC equals 10 + the opponent’s Armor Class) which takes a full round. A failed check means the target’s armor has no discernable weakness, and you cannot try again against that opponent until you put another rank into Perception. If successful you can repeat this action against the same enemy, though the DC increases by +2 for each attempt as your opponent is now aware of his weakness and seeks to protect it. Ranged attacks increase the DC of the Perception check by +1 for every 10 ft. beyond the first 10 ft.

Special: You gain no benefit from the use of this ability if your opponent has the benefits of cover or concealment.