Halo (Background)


Your deity has blessed you with her holy symbol, showing you as one of her chosen ones, and even when the birthmark is not seen your aura is strong enough to be felt and sometimes seen.

Prerequisite: Birthmark trait, any good alignment, must follow a good deity.

Benefit: Whenever your birthmark is seen you gain one of two benefits. If it is seen by good-aligned creatures or someone of the same faith, you gain a +2 morale bonus to Diplomacy checks when dealing with them. If seen by the undead or enemies of your deity, you instead get a +2 morale bonus to Intimidate checks against them (even mindless undead). If you can channel energy, you may do so without the use of a holy symbol and can instead touch your birthmark.

Special: If you are not a cleric or paladin you gain an aura of good as strong as a cleric of your character level (see the detect evil spell for more information on auras). If you are a cleric or paladin then your aura is twice as strong, as if you were a character of twice your level.

Normal: You need a holy symbol to channel positive energy.