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Shang Gou Whirlwind Style (Combat, Style)

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You become a whirlwind of deadly spinning blades and stunningly graceful movements.

Prerequisites: Shang Gou Specialization, Shang Gou Training, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting or monk 8.

Benefit: As a swift action, you can switch from standard shang gou style to the shang gou whirlwind style. While fighting in this style you may treat a pair of linked shang gou as a double weapon with the reach quality.

Special: While fighting in this style, you cannot gain the benefits of the Shang Gou Mastery feat or the increased critical modifier of the Shang Gou Specialization feat.

Note Weapon style feats function the same as unarmed style feats except that they require the user to wield one or more specific weapons.