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Shang Gou Mastery (Combat, Style)

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You rend apart for foes with hooked blades.

Prerequisites: Shang Gou Specialization, Shang Gou Training, Two-Weapon Fighting, base attack bonus +6.

Prerequisites (monk): Shang Gou Specialization, Shang Gou Training, monk 6.

Benefit: Once per round, when you hit a target with two shang gou attacks with your primary and off-hand, you may rend the target for an additional 1d6 + 1-1/2 times your strength modifier damage.

Special: If you possess the Two-Weapon Rend feat you may gain the benefits of each feat once per round; however, each rend must be made on a separate set of attacks.

Note Weapon style feats function the same as unarmed style feats except that they require the user to wield one or more specific weapons.