Traveler's Lingo


You can cry for help in a dozen languages.

Benefit: While you may not be fluent in any extra languages, you have taken the time to pick up some of the important bits from a wide variety of them. You can say things like “help,” “danger,” “surrender,” and “peace” in any language. Additionally, when you hear someone talking in a language you don't know, you may make a Linguistics check to see if you recognize part of what they're saying. The DC for this check depends on what's being said. Simple concepts about particularly dangerous things (i.e., “murder,” “poison,” or “dragon”) or a description of the character himself, are DC 15. More complicated and less alarming things can be anywhere from DC 20 to DC 30. Depending on what's being discussed, success may not be possible. For example, a discussion about the relative merits of different styles of music will likely contain few words you have bothered to learn.