Conceal Hideaway


Your knowledge of stealth and surviving in the wilderness enables you to camouflage an area.

Prerequisite: Stealth 3 ranks, Survival 3 ranks

Benefit: You can use Survival to attempt to conceal a cave, camp, tent, or other structure in a wilderness environment. This is a special Survival check that takes 1 minute per square foot of the area to be concealed. The size of the area to be concealed affects the difficulty of the task: if the area is a cave, or similarly natural structure, only the entrance needs to be concealed. Otherwise, the entire structure must be concealed. In the case of an entrance, determine the size of the largest creature that can enter the structure without having to squeeze: this is the effective size of the area to be concealed. In the case of an entire structure, find its area and determine which size category is most appropriate. In either case, the size of the area imposes the same penalty as it would on a Stealth check. If the area is larger than Colossal, an additional -1 penalty is applied for each 5-ft.-cube beyond Colossal size. For every 5 ranks in Stealth you possess, you gain a +2 bonus on this roll. Your Survival check is opposed by the Perception checks of those looking for the area you are concealing.