Calm Animal


Your skill in relating to animals allows you to avoid difficult situations with them.

Prerequisite: Diplomacy 3 ranks, Handle Animal 3 ranks.

Benefit: You can make a special Diplomacy check to calm and quiet down domesticated animals. Unlike most Diplomacy checks, this one takes only 1 round, but typically requires you be able to make eye contact with the animal. For every 5 ranks in Handle Animal you possess, you gain a +1 bonus on this check. The typical DC to calm an animal in this way is 15 + the animal's Charisma modifier (for an indifferent animal to give simple aid, such as not barking or growling at a thief in the night), but particularly hostile animals, or those well-trained as guards, for instance, may have higher DCs. If the animal is currently being handled by its owner, a -10 penalty applies to this check.