Bestow Token


You can bestow a token of your affection in order to inspire your companions to greater heights.

Benefit: You can bestow a personal object (such as a scarf, a locket, a ring, a garter, or a lock of hair) upon one of your allies. As long as the ally has the token in his possession, he may reroll a single d20 roll once per day. The ally uses this ability as a free action after rolling the first roll, but if the new result is lower than the original result, he takes the higher result. The ally may choose to reroll after the result of the original roll is known. You can revoke this bonus as a swift action at any time, though doing so does not deprive the ally of the physical token itself. Only one ally can benefit from this ability at any time, and you cannot grant more than one reroll per day, even if you grant the bonus to several different allies throughout the course of the day. You cannot bestow a token to yourself.