Dragonblood Spell (Metamagic)

Your draconic blood allows you to be even more versatile with your spontaneous spells.

Prerequisite(s): 3rd-level dragon disciple

Benefit: Only a spontaneously-cast arcane spell can be cast as a dragonblood spell. You can apply any one of the following effects to a dragonblood spell at the time that you cast it: calculate the spell's caster-level dependent properties (including any spell resistance rolls) as if you were 1 level higher; change the energy damage dealt by a spell to damage of your energy type; increase the damage dealt by a spell which deals your energy type's damage by +1 per dragon disciple level; or increase the saving throw DC of the spell by 1. A dragonblood spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level. This feat may not be applied to the same spell more than once.