Versatile Spell Energy

Whenever you sacrifice magical energy for another effect, you can gain a temporary boon.

Prerequisite(s): Spellcraft 11 ranks, 4th-level mystic theurge

Benefit: Whenever you sacrifice an uncast spell that you have prepared or an unused spell slot (for spontaneous casters) in order to gain some other effect, such as casting a different spell spontaneously or gaining the benefit of a feat, you may choose to benefit from any one of the following effects:

  • gain 1 temporary hit point per level of the spell sacrificed;
  • heal yourself of 1 point of damage per two levels of the spell sacrificed;
  • gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls for 1 round per two levels of the spell sacrificed;
  • or gain a +1 bonus to your next saving throw made within 1 round per level of the spell sacrificed.

Bonuses granted by this feat to the same type of roll do not stack if they overlap.