Song of Supreme Invigoration

Your performances inspire others to continue on, even when they've been pushed to their limit.

Prerequisite(s): 15th-level bard

Benefit: When you use your Bardic Performance, any ally that falls below 0 hit points automatically stabilizes and doesn't have to make Constitution checks to stop losing more hit points. All allies you affect with this feat can choose to be disabled rather than unconscious.

While you use your Bardic Performance, all allies that are below 0 hit points are staggered. These allies can perform move actions or any action that isn't strenuous and not cause themselves further harm. However if they do something strenuous or perform a standard action on their round they lose 1 hit point. If that ally's negative hit point value falls below their constitution score, they die.

When you end your Bardic Performance, all allies that are still below 0 hit points that were affected by this feat become unconscious.