Necrotic Arrow

Your arrows not only have the ability to destroy your foes, but they can also reanimate them as your allies. Your foes can only look on in terror as the man that was formerly their comrade-in-arms is now an undead creature attacking them!

Prerequisite(s): 3rd-level Arcane Archer

Benefit: Whenever you strike a killing blow against an enemy, once per week, you can automatically resurrect the newly dead enemy as an undead creature on that combat round. The undead creature is completely loyal to you and will follow any commands that you give it. The creature is ready to take orders the round after it is raised. The type of creature that you can raise depends on your level of arcane archer. At arcane archer levels 3 and 4 you can raise a Medium Skeleton, at 5 and 6 you can raise a Medium Zombie, at 7 and 8 you can raise a Ghoul, and at 9 and 10 you can raise a Ghast.