Greater Spell Storing Bond

You are able to store multiple spells in your bonded weapon and choose which one to cast when you strike an opponent.

Prerequisite(s): Arcane bond (bonded weapon), Weapon Focus (bonded weapon's type), Spell Storing Bond, 5th-level Eldritch Knight

Benefit: You are able to store 1 additional spell per 3 additional levels of eldritch knight you possess in your arcane bonded weapon, to a maximum of 4 spells at 10th level of eldritch knight (or 5 if the weapon is enchanted as a spell storing weapon). When you successfully strike and damage a creature with it, you choose which stored spell to cast. You can only cast two stored spells from the same weapon per day: the other spells remain stored but cannot be used until the next day. You still can only cast one spell from the weapon per attack.