Enspelling Script

You can cause those who don't understand your secret writing to suffer from various magical effects.

Prerequisite(s): Int 15, Linguistics 7 ranks and Spellcraft 7 ranks, Pathfinder Chronicler level 3rd

Benefit: When you write something using your secret language, you can spend an extra hour enchanting the writing so that the first person to try to read it who does not understand it suffers from a harmful magical effect. You choose the effect from the following list at the time of writing: the reader takes 1d6 damage per level of pathfinder chronicler you possess; or the reader is stunned for 1 round per level; or the reader takes a -2 penalty to all mental ability scores for 1 minute per level; or the reader's attitude towards you improves by 1 step for 1 minute per level. Each effect can be resisted by a successful Will save with a DC equal to 10 + your pathfinder chronicler level + your Intelligence modifier. Your caster level for these effects is equal to your pathfinder chronicler level. The magic fades after a single creature that does not understand the script attempts to read it, whether or not their saving throw is successful.