Deviant Worshiper

You have a skewed world view and have either rationalised the nature of your god, or worship an aspect of him, in a way that conforms to your own philosophy. Needless to say, others find you odd and have trouble understanding your reasoning.

Prerequisite(s): 1st-level Cleric or higher

Benefit: You can have any alignment, regardless of the alignment of your god. Using your god's favoured weapon, casting spells from his domains and using his domain powers have no negative effects on your alignment. However, all your other actions, including the use of aligned spells which are not part of your domains will affect your alignment as normal.

Normal: Your alignment can only be one step removed from your god along either the good/evil axis or the law/chaos axis.

Special: Those with this feat are unlikely to be part of their god's organised religion and will probably be hunted or reviled by members of their own faith for their warped outlook. This feat can only be taken at 1st-level.