Craft Magic Tattoo (Item Creation)

You can create magical tattoos that duplicate the effects of a single spell

Prerequisite: CL 9th.

Benefit: You can create a magical tattoo that grants a spell-like ability to its wearer. Any spell you know can be turned into a tattoo.

The base price of a tattoo is the spell’s level squared ×2,000 gp. A tattoo takes 1 day (8 hours work) to craft for each 1,000 gp of its base price. You must spend 1/2 the base price in raw materials. If the spell requires material components with a gp value, you must spend 50 × that much on raw materials in addition to the base materials cost.

The recipient of a tattoo permanently loses 1 point of Constitution for as long as they have the tattoo. Activating a magic tattoo is a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. A magic tattoo can be activated 1/day (DC 10 + spell level; CL minimum required to cast the spell).

A magic tattoo can be permanently removed using a remove curse spell on a willing subject, mage’s disjunction, or wish. A magic tattoo loses its power if the wearer dies, even if resurrected or raised from the dead. If a magic tattoo is removed, the user regains the lost point of Constitution.