Meta Spell


You can learn metamagic versions of spells.

Prerequisites: Ability to cast spells without preparation.

Benefit: When you gain new spells, you may learn a metamagic-enhanced spell. You must have the appropriate metamagic feat, and the enhanced spell counts as a spell of the level it would be cast at using the metamagic. You can cast this metamagic-enhanced spell without increasing its casting time but may not cast it without the metamagic it was learned with unless you also learn a version of the spell without metamagic. Adding any metamagic beyond what the spell was learned with increases the casting time of the spell as normal. This does not allow you to apply a given metamagic feat more than once to a spell.

Example: Sue the oracle becomes 10th level and learns a new 5th-level spell. Instead of learning a standard 5th-level spell, she could instead learn empowered searing light (a 3rd-level spell adjusted +2 spell levels from the Empower Spell feat), which she could then cast spontaneously without increasing its casting time.