Provoke (Combat)

You are adept at angering others and provoking them to attack you.

Benefit: You can make an Intimidate check as a standard action to provoke an opponent into violence against you. A successful check worsens your targets attitude by one step if they are not already hostile. If they are already hostile, it provokes them to attack you, violently if possible. This effect is not strictly compulsory, and the target does not attack heedless of all danger but takes all reasonable efforts to direct attacks at you.

This effect lasts until the end of combat or until the target is killed. Until the effect ends, you cannot use Provoke on another opponent in combat.

Special: You suffer a −5 penalty to your Intimidate check if your target is currently threatened by an opponent but not by you, or if your target has little or no means of hurting you. Instead of attacking personally, a target can order any loyal retainers or allies to attack on its behalf. Provoke does not work on enemies immune to mind-affecting effects.