Lighten Weapon (Combat)

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You can balance heavy weapons, making them easier to wield.

Prerequisite: Str 13, BAB +3.

Benefit: Choose one type of weapon. When using a weapon of that type you may reduce the effort required to wield it by one step but suffer a −2 penalty to hit with that weapon. This allows you to wield a weapon 1 size category larger as if it were your own size, use a two-handed weapon in one hand, or a one-handed as a light weapons.

Normal: Weapons 1 size category larger increase the effort required to wield them by one step: light becoming one-handed, one-handed becoming two-handed, and two-handed becoming un-wieldable. Two-handed weapons may not be used one-handed. Using a one-handed weapon in your off hand results in a −2 penalty to all of your attacks (in addition to other off-hand penalties that may apply).

Special: The effect of this feat does not stack with other feats that alter wielding effort or weapon size. You may take this feat multiple times, each time choosing a different type of weapon.

Example: Rogar the human fighter takes Lighten Weapon and chooses greatsword. He can now use a Medium greatsword in one hand with a −2 penalty to hit, gaining 1 x Strength bonus to damage. He can also wield a Large greatsword in two hands with a −2 penalty to hit and adding 1.5 x Strength bonus to damage.