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Spirit Mask

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Your bond with your mask has grown strong enough for the mask to develop a spirit of its own.

Prerequisite(s): Wis 13, Bonded Mask, Knowledge (religion) 3 ranks.

Benefit(s): Your mask has gained its own spirit, becoming a creature of its own. Your mask can switch between its usual inanimate form and its new animate form at will as a standard action. In its animate form, use the stats for a spirit oni without the poison, fast healing, or spell-like abilities, with Knowledge (religion) +7 instead of Knowledge (arcana), and with the spirit subtype instead of the oni subtype. Although it loses its hardness while animate, the mask also gains the familiar abilities of a wizard of your character level. In its inanimate form, the mask regains the hardness it had as an item but loses all other abilities except for its intelligence and the fact that it grants you Alertness.