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Bonded Mask

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Your connection to your mask is stronger than most reapers.

Prerequisite(s): Mask racial ability.

Benefit(s): You form a stronger attachment to the mask you are wearing when you gain this feat. This allows you to enhance the usual benefits you receive from this mask, gaining an additional +2 bonus to all saving throws against negative energy effects, death effects, and energy drain. Your mask gains 5 hardness and 10 hit points from this bond, and you receive a +4 bonus to CMD to avoid steal combat maneuvers targeting your mask. If you ever lose your current mask or decide to change the mask to which you are bonded, you lose both the bonus from this feat and the bonus from the mask racial ability until you have bonded a new mask, which takes 1 week of wearing the new mask followed by an 8-hour period of meditation using rare incense and herbs costing 100 gold pieces per character level. Any magical or non-magical mask can be attuned via this ritual except intelligent masks and artifacts.