Shape Breath Weapon (Monster)

The creature can control the shape of its breath weapon, releasing it in a cone, line, or burst.

Prerequisite: Breath weapon as a special attack.

Benefit: The creature can shape the area of effect of its breath weapon as a free action whenever it uses it. If the creature’s base breath weapon is cone-shaped, it can release it in a line twice as long that deals 1-1/2 times the amount of normal damage (where applicable) to a single target due to the concentration of the effect. (Damage includes physical damage, ability damage, ability drain, energy drain.) Breath weapons that cause petrification, slow, haste, or replicate any spell that cannot be quantified as damage (see above) do not gain the bonus for increased damage.

For example, a gorgon’s normal breath weapon is a 60-foot cone of petrifying gas. Using this feat, the same gorgon could release its breath in a line to a range of 120 feet. Since its breath weapon petrifies an opponent, it does not gain the 1-1/2 bonus to damage (as there really isn’t any physical damage dealt).

A line-shaped breath weapon can be released in a cone with a range of one-half its normal effect. The breath weapon deals half normal damage due to the effect being diluted over an area.

For example, a behir’s normal breath weapon is a 20-foot line that deals 7d6 points of electricity damage. Using this feat, it could release it in a 10-foot cone that dealt 3d6 points of electricity damage to all creatures in the area.

A breath weapon can be shaped as a burst with a range of 30 feet or the normal range for the creature’s breath weapon if it was released in a line (whichever is smaller). The breath weapon travels to the range indicated or until it contacts a solid surface (whichever happens first). Upon impacting a solid surface or reaching maximum range, the breath weapon explodes in a burst from the point of origin and covers an area as if the creature had released its breath weapon in a cone. Affected creatures in the area take damage as if the creature had released its breath weapon in a cone.

For example, a behir (normal breath weapon is a line, 20 feet long, 7d6 electricity damage) could release its breath weapon as a burst with a range of 20 feet. When the breath weapon contacts a solid surface or reaches a point 20 feet away, it explodes and deals 3d6 points of electricity damage to all within 10 feet of the point of origin.

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