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Become the Swarm


You may transform into a seething living swarm of small creatures.


Benefits: You gain the following supernatural ability:

Form of the Swarm (Su)

As a standard action, a vampire with this ability can change into a bat swarm, centipede swarm, rat swarm, or spider swarm.

This swarm has a number of hit points equal to the vampire, and any damage done to the swarm affects the vampire's hit point total. While in swarm form, a vampire cannot use any of its natural or special attacks, although it gains the movement, natural weapons, and extraordinary special abilities of the swarm into which it has transformed.

The vampire also retains all of its usual special qualities.

While in swarm form the vampire is still considered to be an undead creature. A vampire can remain in swarm form until it assumes another form or retakes it original form (a standard action), or until the next sunrise.