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Expel Spirits (Occult)

Occult Feats

Occultists can select occult feats as bonus feats. Members of other classes can take these feats as long as they meet the prerequisites.

These feats all possess strong ties to spirits, and the spirit realm in which they dwell, and are best suited for Occultists or characters who practice pact magic, though that shouldn't stop players from taking these feats so long as they justify their choice to the GM's satisfaction.

You can force a spirit from your body to end a pact early.

Prerequisites: Bind spirit class feature.

Benefit: You can end a pact before the normal 24-hour period expires. In order to expel a spirit, make a binding check against the spirit's binding DC as part of a 1-minute ritual. The ritual requires that you redraw the spirit's seal but you do not need to perform its ceremony. If you succeed you expel the spirit, causing it to angrily manifest before you briefly. After the manifestation fades, you lose all benefits and penalties associated with the pact. You can immediately begin a new pact to bind a different spirit, but you cannot contact a spirit expelled by this feat for 24 hours and you suffer a -10 penalty on all binding checks made for the next 24 hours. Multiple expulsions cause this penalty to stack.

Normal: Once you forge a pact with a spirit, that pact lasts for 24 hours.