Greater Magic Hands

Prerequisites: The ability to disable magical traps such as with trapfinding, Int 17, Disable Device 11 ranks

Benefit: You receive a +4 bonus to Disable Device checks made with your Magic Hands feat. When using your Magic Hands feat, you may disable any spell that remove curse can affect as well as those dispellable by dispel magic. When you disable an item, that item is disabled for one minute per character level.

In addition, if your check exceeds the target DC by 10 or more, you may choose not to disarm the item and instead add one of the following effects. An item can only house one of these effects at a time.

Backlash: The next creature to activate or wear the item suffers 5d6 points of damage, which bypasses all damage reduction and spell resistance.

Rewrite: If the item has prerequisites, such as only being usable by someone of a specific race/alignment/etc., you may disable those requirements for 2d4 minutes. You may also add requirements of your own to the item, which also lasts for 2d4 minutes.

Alarm: An alarm, as the alarm spell, sounds the next time the item is worn or activated. This alarm may be silent or audible, as you choose.

Trick Disarm: The next time someone uses this item, it ceases to function, as if you had just disabled it. This lasts for 1 minute per character level.