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Mobile Support Unit

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Some of your followers have become adept at crafting the kinds of items you'd need in the field, be it potion, weapon, or wand.

Prerequisites: Leadership, Legendary Leader, Leadership score 10+

Benefit: All of your followers are considered to be spellcasters, with an effective spellcaster level of their level plus your Charisma modifier. For every 5 points of base Leadership score you possess, your followers may learn a bonus feat from the following list:

Any Item Creation Feat, Skill Focus, Cooperative Crafting, or any Metamagic Feat.

Your Followers all gain the same feat, and they must meet the prerequisites for the selected feat, including the newly modified caster level.

These followers will craft any item they can for you, and will craft them for the crafting cost plus 10% (to cover living expenses.) For purposes of crafting, the followers are considered adepts of their caster level, ranks in Spellcraft equal to their caster level +3, and an Intelligence modifier equal to your Charisma modifier.