Protean Chaos (Combat)

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Your flailing combat style allows you to strike and evade at critical moments.

Prerequisite: Combat Expertise, Dodge, Protean Technique, Protean Twist, base attack bonus +13

Benefit: You now gain the bonus to attack rolls provided by Protean Technique on a natural roll of a 17, 18, 19, or 20, and gain the bonus to AC on a natural roll of a 1, 2, 3, or 4. The maximum bonus to AC or attack rolls granted by Protean Technique is increased to +3.

If you have a +3 dodge bonus to AC from Protean Technique and an opponent hits you, you can lose the dodge bonus you have gained (resetting it to +0) to cause the opponent to miss instead. If the creature had critically hit you, it instead deals normal damage (as if it had not critically hit).

If you have a +3 bonus to attack rolls from Protean Technique and you miss an attack, you can lose the attack bonus you have gained (resetting it to +0) to instead have the attack roll be treated as a 20. This can only be used on an attack that missed due to a failed attack roll, not due to concealment or some other effect. This attack cannot critically hit and does not trigger any other abilities or effects that occur on a natural attack roll of a 20 (including Protean Technique).